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Doug Oriard

Financial Information of Interest:

John Mauldin's newsletter at
His newsletter is a weekly commentary on the state of the economy. He does a good job of explaining US and world economic issues in a way that's understandable to the average reader. He also provides references to and essays from other excellent financial writers, all of which are essential to understanding and navigating the investment landscape.  His book "Bull's Eye Investing" is an excellent investment book on the macro view of investing. His free newsletter is a good course in ecomonics and also gets you connected with a number of other good sources of investment information.

John Murphy
John Murphy is one of the leaders in technical analysis and gives a daily reality-check on what's happening in the stock market, commodities, currencies and more. under the "John Murphy" tab. is also has of the best charting tools on the market, with a very low subscription fee (and also a free option) compared to other charting services.

This website is still under construction, but the topics that are being built are listed to the left: finance and investing, movies, computers, technology, photography and art.  Eventually there may also be energy and robotics/AI areas.